Innovative Engineering & Consulting

by Vapour Phase Technology ApS

The new VapourTech ApS homepage has been redesigned from the inside and out. As a leading consultancy service house we would like to welcome new and existing customers into our world of skilled and motivated freelance project managers ready to make a difference in your project and thereby leading to success.


We believe in positive and open minded dialog and with a professional and honestly communication for achieving defined goals, just as being part of a soccer team, together we are part of something bigger. We would always like to win, to make a difference and an everyday success starting with a small step in the right direction.

Vapour Phase Technology ApS made the first combined inline reflow and vapour phase soldering machine in the world, at a time in the financial marked when finance were hard to get, but VapourTech ApS succeed with the help from Vækstfonden and the investor CAT Symbion. The Inline VapourTech soldering machine was delivered to the customer Styromatic A/S in 2005.

Let’s innovate the technology